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What is dSoledadLV?

dSoledadLV is a small Latina Owned and Operated Brand, blogger and small business that promotes positivity, shares hope, and offers easy to follow DIY ideas for all. All products are eco friendly, home grown and cruelty-free.  
One thing we take pride in is supporting other fellow small businesses by offering you an opportunity to purchase and try their products. There are plenty of helpful  resources, books, tarot cards, authentic raw crystals,  handmade custom self healing tools, and want to know what the best thing we offer to all? Hope. 

All products are created with only good intent and 
heart. We're available if you have any questions on our products and we offer assistance in multi-languages. 


Available Now 
Inventory is frequently updated with new products and don't forget...
We accept custom and personalized orders too.


Traditional Healing Tools with

A Vibrant Modern Twist

I truely believe no two individuals are alike and neither are their life paths. So why should our personal tools be? dSoledadLV keeps the traditions alive, incorporates her intuitive gifts and creates custom personalized Healing/Ritual/Curanderismo tools and protection amulets for all. Just keep in mind just as each individual is different your own personal results could vary. Purchasing an item dosent gurantee healing from past trauma, generational curses, or ill intent from others. One must research and do the required work. We are all Healers with the power to heal ourselves. Question is are you ready?